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Ad Jingles (.com) is one of the top producing JINGLE companies in the United States. We have been producing custom jingles since 1988 under Audio Video Networks llc with a fresh and powerful production and well known singers and producers.
Our team of singers has worked with some of the biggest names in music industry. Our experience and production is truly unmatched, with JINGLES that sound more like “HIT SONGS, than jingles themselves.

Custom Jingles – Musical Images
turning ads, into HIT SONGS !

Jingle commercial producer

Ron Edwards, CEO and executive commercial producer of Ad Jingles (.com), started as a studio musician and musical image (jingle) producer just out of college, in 1985. His proficiency on the piano, and natural knowledge of music, musical arranging, and voice tonality, quickly advanced him to one of the nation’s top volume broadcast commercial producers over the next 10 years.

Ron has been coined as a “vocal chameleon” in the industry, able to copy the vocal tone, style and delivery of many popular singers having produced nearly 5000 custom jingles and production spots to date, in nearly every state in the USA, along with dozens of countries.
radio spot commercial jingles

Jingle production company with a long line of credits

With music production credits on such well known broadcasts as; the Winter Olympics, A&W Root-beer, True Value Hardware, Wells Fargo, Discount-America’s Tire, Coldstone Creamery, the NFL, NBC, TNN, Nascar and hundreds of others, under Ron’s production and voice’s have been heard in over 40 countries, and nearly every state in the US.
We have been able to service all  growing “audio” clients, as well as providing creative, and effective production branding and musical image advertising, all under the well known and respected name of Audio Video Networks.
At Ad Jingles, we skills cover a vast range of talents, utilizing some of the top music producers, and vocalists in the country, with credits on number 1 hit songs, national jingle commercials, and touring with top performing artists.
Our team covers all multiple areas of creativity, from slogan concept development to lyric writing, musical composition, vocal arrangements, orchestration, and vocal impersonations and characterization.
Our jingle company can handle everything from Jingles, to radio/tv spot production, 3D animation, green-screen shooting, product branding and consulting, Piano / keyboard players, musical arrangers, professional spokespersons and voice over talent, character voice talent for animation and cartoons, professional jingle singers, lead and background vocalists, drummers, radio-tv producer-directors and image branding consultants and speakers.

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