Voice Over Production

every voice is unique

Voice Over Talent, Alluring Jaw-dropping Producer

AdJingles.com is a Professional Versatile Voice Over Talent Producer along with impressionable voice over talent abroad.

Our jingles company voice over talent has been a part of our backbone from the start, we have used every unique sound of a voice for custom Jingles, radio spots, TV broadcast commercials, including the vast video advertising across the web.

Voice over talent producer for business jingles

AdJingles.com produces a wide array of voice over talent for AD Agencies and Production Houses time and time again.
As a Voice Over producer, we partner with Brand driven Advertising Agencies to deliver a transformative Voice Over that will command attention,  intern making the best advertising jingles for your company or product.

Whether you’re a Nationwide Advertisement Agency or a Marketing Firm – we are your premium one stop go-to ticket for Voice Overs!
AdJingles.com uses its Voice Over Talent in a multitude of industries worldwide.
  • Radio
  • TV commercials
  • Characters
  • Movie Trailers
  • Cartoons
  • Announcer
  • Audio Books
  • Interviews
  • Broadcast
  • Documentary
  • Motivational
  • Web Site Narration
  • Film Animation
  • Interactive entertainment, and more!

Brand focused Voice Overs

Our vast knowledge allows us to be brand focused talent we use for our Voice Overs. A majority of our Voice Overs are used in Custom Jingles, Radio Spot Commercials, TV Broadcast Commercials and other such media.
Choosing AdJingles.com to be your Voice Over Producer is your perfect media partner choice.

Professional Voice Overs

We have the expertise to work with each and every business in the industry. We handle projects of several different clients simultaneously, including startups.
AdJingles.com’s Voice Over Talent supplies a huge variety of voice over actors with a long list of accomplishments, state of the art studios for top quality sound and demos that speak for themselves. There’s no room for untrained voice actors on this team. The Actors have been handpicked for their unique talents, sound, and are to meet every deadline.
From recording a narrator for your project to cleaning up a difficult production track, to fully producing large and complex projects, we take your audio problems and turn them into assets. We can help you with casting, producing, directing, recording and editing your voice over session.


AdJingles.com only produces high-quality, impactful Voice Over, which intern effectively convert your radio spot commercials, TV Broadcast Commercials, and Custom Jingles in to audience grabbing media.
We create Voice Overs that align with the script and direction of the audience that the radio spot, video or any other media it is intended to target.

Take the next step to your professional Voice Over

Let’s take the next step together to get your Voice Over created. Maybe you’re not ready to start and or simply just looking around for pricing, no worries, we’ll make sure all your questions and concerns are answered in the most simplest terms. Simply give us a call at (866) 706-7918 or send us an email. We are hundred percent confident we can fulfill your expectations of an awesome Voice Over.

We Proudly create jingles for the following types of businesses

Don’t see your business type listed? No worries, simply give us a call, we are pretty confident that we have created your type of business jingle, get in touch with us at (866) 706-7918.